Execute Transactions :

  • Execute Spot or Limit/Market Orders at Competitive Rates
  • Enter into Forward Contracts to Secure Future Rates, in Particular When Rates Are Better than Plan
  • Send Payments and Transfers to Domestic or International Recipients

Our user friendly online platform allows you to book trades and make payments anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day from your PC, laptop, mobile & tablet. You can view live rates, manage beneficiaries and user logins all from the administration dashboard. You can also manage the number of users and limit access.

Multi Currency Account :

  • Receive and Manage Multiple Currencies Globally
  • Hold Domestic and Foreign Currencies Without Having to Incur Conversion or Transfer Costs

Key benefit of saving you and the sender time and money by avoiding costly bank fees. Funds can be held in your multi-currency account until you require the funds to be transferred back to your main bank account or another recipient.